EKO Defense is a high-tech company that aims to develop mechanical and electronic products in security and defense industries. Our company, that designs all its products itself, aims to be one of the leader firms in the field of mechanics and electronics by rapidly increasing its product range and capabilities.


Our project background includes active involvement in National Classified Projects and project management experience. Relying upon our strong capabilities and vast experience as set forth above, we aspire to offer you our manufacturing services in respect of the custom manufacturing materials you may need. Given our experience, knowledge and specialized staff force particularly in precision machining, we continue to serve our customers specifically in the following fields;

  • Design and manufacturing of mechanical parts and components that require precision machining
  • Mechanical Manufacturing of components as per the Designs for Land Vehicles
  • Electromechanical manufacturing and cabling,
  • Mechanical and Electronic Assembly


We manufacture the electromechanical control units, torpedo underwater cables (guidance wires, “A” cables etc.), batteries charge – discharge and assembly systems for underwater weapons systems, and the cards employed for torpedo and testing equipment, which are required for the systems held in the inventories of prime defense contractors in Turkish Defense Industry specifically and of Turkish Land Forces and Turkish Naval Forces, as well as the spare parts for the same, through the cutting-edge technology and with due adherence to sophisticated quality standards. EKO Defense takes the fair pride of its capability to manufacture the testing units for exercise batteries with obtained and registered National Stock Numbers, including the “A” cables, guidance wires for the underwater weapons, which are currently held on the inventory, the cards for the testing equipment, the cable sockets (including the sockets for the fiber-optic guidance wires) as well as the sockets that require custom manufacturing. EKO is the only manufacturer in Turkey to be manufacturing components with obtained and registered stock numbers for underwater weapons. EKO Defense also perform the maintenance of Air Forces and Civil Aviations navigation aid systems (ILS, DME, TACAN etc.) and repair and perform maintenance for their circuit boards. EKO Defense, formed the basis of its electronic infrastructure long before, continues to develop and offer its customers electronic card, embedded software, equipment and system-level products according to their specific needs.

Launcher Fire Systems

Our company, as a subcontractor for M.K.E.K Maksam, currently continues to manufacture the electronic control panels and the mechanical parts for the Launcher fire system of the TUNA MILGEM Project.